"I see Dr. Rob, my chiropractor, for a tune-up every chance I get. The treatment makes me feel better, keeps me loose and enables me to perform at my very best.”
Jerome Pathon
# 80 New Orleans Saints
Wide Receiver

“Before going to my chiropractor, Dr. Rob Lizana, I had problems with my feet, hip flexors, and lower back. Since going to him, all three body parts have improved tremendously.”
Lamont Moore
# 19 New Orleans Voodoo
Wide Receiver/ Defensive Back

“I could have never won the Gold in the LA. State Senior Olympic Games without the help of Dr. Rob, my chiropractor. When I left Dr. Rob's office, the pain was gone. Thanks for the interests and care.”
Gloria V.
“Since becoming a patient of the American Back Institute, I am moving easier on the field and playing harder. My energy level has increased and I am able to function better. I feel great!”
Willie Whitehead
# 98 New Orleans Saints
Defensive End
“My chiropractor, Dr. Rob has helped me to work on all cylinders. The constant throwing that I do has taken its toll over the years. Not only has Dr. Rob alleviated the pain, but he has also increased strength and power in my throwing.”
John Fitzgerald
# 16 New Orleans Voodoo

“When I first cam to the clinic I was walking with a cane and was limping. Now, I am doing just fine. The staff was truly great. They made me feel at home.”
Cathy S.
“As a professional athlete for the past 12 years, I know the importance of keeping my body in top form. The American Back Institute has helped me maintain this and stay injury free.”
Darrin Smith
# 54 New Orleans Saints
“The past two years have been really hard on my body, especially my back. Since coming to my chiropractor, Dr. Rob Lizana, my body is feeling better and my back has caused me no problems. This is the best I have felt in years.”
Bruce McClure
# 73 New Orleans Voodoo
Offensive Lineman / Defensive Lineman

“Before VAX-D I suffered with low back pain for 9 years due to a herniated disc. Now I am feeling like a new person in another body.”
Cindy J.
“I rely on my hard work, speed, and instincts for my success on the field. When I am off the field, I rely on my chiropractor, Dr. Rob, to keep my spine and my hips and feet loose.”
Michael Lewis
# 84 New Orleans Saints
All Pro Wide Receiver
“Dr. Rob, I just want to thank you for everything you"ve done. Your Chiropractic work has fine tuned my body for every game and has added years to my career. I just wish I could have met you years ago. Thanks for everything!”
Aaron Bailey
# 7 New Orleans Voodoo
Offensive Specialist

“Before starting VAX-D I was in pain constantly. During VAX-D the pain was occasional and by my last pull the pain was completely gone and has not come back since. I am now doing 100% better. The doctors and their wonderful staff were nice, compassionate, and really concerned not only about my back, but about me as a person.”
Shawn M.
“Dr. Rob gets me right and keeps me ready. The doctors get me through my aches and pains from the last game so I can perform at my best for the next one!”
Deuce McAllister
# 26 New Orleans Saints
All Pro Running Back

“The demands football puts on the body are very high. Since going to the American Back Institute, my body not only feels better, but my performance has improved dramatically. I haven’t felt this good since I was in college.”
Dan Curran
# 34 New Orleans Voodoo
Fullback / Lineback

“I have been going to the American Back Institute for many years. Working with as many wrestlers as I do keeps me constantly on the mat and on the move. Dr. Rob, my chiropractor, helps me to keep my body limber and in good health. This allows me to do what I love so much….showing Olympic wrestlers how it is done!”
James Ravannack
Executive Board Member of USA Wrestling
USA Olympic Wrestling 2002 - 2003 Person of the Year

“Football takes a toll on my body. I feel like the treatments I have received have taken years of pounding off my body. My game has improved and he keeps me feeling my best. I am able to play week after week and feel great.”
Tim Martin
# 96 New Orleans Voodoo
Offensive Lineman / Defensive Lineman
“Before my first visit I could stand for only a short distance because of lower back pain. After a few treatments I was able to not only stand longer and walk further, but, also engage in other activities that were missing in my life. The excellent chiropractic treatments of Dr. Robert Lizana and his fine staff was remarkable. Because of them I have been given back a quality of life.”
Ronald Doyle
Teacher and Coach for 38 Years